12th Central and Eastern European Course
in Pediatric Surgery

“Minimally Invasive & Neonatal Surgery”

22nd – 23rd March 2019
Lviv, Ukraine

Dear colleagues!

The European Pediatric Surgeon’s Association (EUPSA) has the pleasure to announce the 12th Central & Eastern European Course in Pediatric Surgery on the topic of “Neonatal & Minimal Invasive Surgery” in Lviv, Ukraine.

Challenges exist for pediatric surgeons with regards to the variations in pathologies and often due to low number of cases to gain experience. The present course will focus on various aspects that include congenital malformations and laparoscopy.

The 12th Course is envisaged to provide an excellent overview through lectures given by experts. The Course also includes lecture ample discussion time to interact with the faculty.

Lviv is the largest city and the center of Galicia and Western Ukraine, and it is considered to be the cultural and spiritual capital of Ukraine. The city was founded in the 13th century by King Danylo Halytsky. After that, the city was ruled by several countries: Hungary, Poland, the Austrian Empire, and the USSR. Due to this fact, Lviv comprises many cultures and nationalities. It has the largest number of historical and architectural monuments in Ukraine that have survived for centuries and were not destroyed during the II World War. The historic city center is included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Today Lviv is developing as a significant investment and a tourist center. Every year the city is visited by more than 1.5 million tourists.

In general, Ukraine is now in a important period of formation. After the events of the Revolution of Dignity in 2014, Ukraine started a series of reforms that were aimed at the final change from post-Soviet remnants to the modern European platforms. One of these changes is the reform of the healthcare system that began in 2018. Ukraine is keen to become a full member of the European Union and to belong to Europe not only geographically but also civilizationally. The “12th Central & Eastern European Course in Pediatric Surgery” has an important educational, scientific and social mission – it promotes faster integration of Ukrainian doctors into a friendly European family of children’s surgeons.

The European Pediatric Surgeon’s Association (EUPSA) along with the local organization team from Lviv welcomes you to Ukraine for the 12th Central & Eastern European Course in Pediatric Surgery!

Martin Lacher, MD
Chairman EUPSA Education Office

Dear colleagues!

It is our great honor to invite you to participate in the “EUPSA 12th Central and Eastern European Course in Pediatric Surgery: Minimally Invasive & Neonatal Surgery”. The conference will be held at one of the oldest medical institutions in Ukraine – Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University on 22-23 March 2019. Ukraine will be hosting a pediatric surgery course of such kind for the first time!

We are very pleased to invite you to the city of Lions – the capital of Western Ukraine, the city where the first Ukrainian book was printed, the first university in Ukraine was founded and the world’s first an oil lamp was lit. We invite you to Lviv – the city of coffee, chocolate, and jazz.

We sincerely hope that this conference will be one more step towards our professional growth and development as well as an important stimulus in our daily practice! The Organizing Committee together with EUPSA will apply the maximum effort to make your stay in Lviv interesting, fruitful and filled with lots of positive emotions!

Looking forward to seeing you at the conference!

Andriy KUZYK, MD, PhD
Head of Department of Pediatric Surgery
Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University